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resources committee will hold a conference on capitol hill to talk about energy priorities. she will also take questions from reporters. she outlined her plan at the annual meeting of the national association of regulatory utility commissioners. here is a bit of what she had to said. >> in our report, we declare five principals in addition to energy -- i am trying to make this release symbol for everybody for the morning fog of monday. energy is good and then there are five principles. it is in our national interest to make energy abundant, affordable, colleen, diverse, and secure. i have even put them in alphabetical order for ease of memory. [laughter] no acronyms this morning, alphabetical is good. let's talk about abundance -- as a standard of living rises, demand will continue to rise and anyone who has experienced a black out, it is amazing how this blackout last out -- last night ties into everything i have to say this morning. [laughter] anyone who has experienced a super bowl black out or a gasoline shortage does not need an explanation of the value of energy abundance. we should
energy policy. >> i have the book. you have all been waiting for it and take you for giving me the opportunity to talk a little bit about what we have been doing on the energy committee for the past year in an effort to really focus on where we have been with energy policy and really helping to move forward in a way that is not the same old same old, but really real imagining and refocusing where we should be has been an important opportunity for us to really put some considered thought into the proposal. what you have in front of you is better than airplane reading. there are some suggestions in this energy 2020 document that people will look at and they will argue and they will say -- that is one person's view. that is true, that is true. but while we are trying to do is not give you a legislative package starting with initiatives that we are going to kind of clicked off as we move forward. this is really designed to be a discussion blueprint. we want to try to change the conversation. one of the reasons we have to think about changing the conversation is because the energy p
to this gentleman. i have visited with him in frederick. he started a company called nexus energy homes. they build houses at market prices and get this -- these homes are designed to consume net zero energy. for families, that means electricity bills as low as $3 and $4 a month. nexus energy homes was named a national home builder of the year. [applause] what do these stories have in common? innovation and entrepreneurship. the united states of commerce have named maryland number one in innovation and entrepreneurship. marylanders are doing remarkable work -- life science, green tech, information technology, cybersecurity, aerospace and advanced manufacturing -- in these sectors are creating jobs right here in maryland, creating jobs through innovation. it is not just the responsibility of the private sector. there are things we can do together through the common platform of our state government. we can accelerate innovation. we can attract venture capital. we can move more new technologies and ideas out of our great university labs and into the marketplace where they can create jobs and new oppor
energy source, who would bring in new means of communication to our country? this bill is about moving our country forward. this bill is about competing in the world economy, and if i can do it in baseball and basketball, and i would add, senator rubio, hockey, we can do it in engineering science technology and math. and so i thank my colleagues and turn it over to senator rubio. >> just let the record reflect -- >> ththey will begin debate with the general speeches until about 11:30 a.m. eastern this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. massachusetts senator john kerry will give his farewell address. yesterday his colleagues confirmed him to be the next secretary of state by a vote of 94-3. he could be sworn in as early as friday which be secretary clinton's last day on the job. we are just funny how you can also see a bipartisan gun safety bill introduced this morning by senators gillibrand and kirk. live now to the senate floor the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. gracious father, your lovin
to the play by play and then obviously with the energy and enthusiasm and electricity of the crowd, it's very, very enjoyable. >> very cool. his story was turned into a book and even became a part of the inspiration behind the famous show, "the wire." >>> the nfl is already looking forward to the next season. the commissioner delivered his state of the nfl speech today, and in it he highlighted the major areas he wants to focus on, first player safety. testing for human growth hormone and eliminating hits to the head were also on the list. >> it's the person doing the striking, i think we're going to have to continue to see discipline escalate, particularly on repeat offenders. >> expects the testing for human growth hormone to start next season. >> if your child plays sports, you need to check out our story online on concussions. >>> the latest from alabama where a young boy is being held hostage for a fourth straight day. how they're getting him important medicine and what people are saying about the bus driver who gave his life to save the other children. >>> on the weather front, more sno
-- sprinkles. the boundary has stalled out on top of us with a little energy which could squeeze out light rain showers this afternoon. 39 degrees at reagan national but but wind chill is down at 34, so still a little bit cooler. with the cloud cover, slow to warm up. traveling, things are pretty good up and down the east coast. we have our ribald delays leaving here headed to new york's city or newark, 30-60 minutes. also shower activity across the ghost -- gulf coast but the midsection is looking good. in addition to a few sprinkles flurries to the west of us throughout the day we are expecting cloudy skies and temperatures in the middle for a's. a little warmer in the seven-day forecast and things looking interesting for friday. i will explain coming up and another few minutes. >> thank you. today the senate just passed a bill to increase security at american embassies overseas. this morning's vote approved a measure to transfer a little more than $1 billion from a surplus of funds once intended for operations in iraq. it will be used to build a marine security guard posts and embassies that
. >>> a teenager without a monster energy drink or red bull, that's a rare thing to finds. >> they are addicted. doctors say they are at risk. what health risks can cause in young people. >>> shock in the skies as the pilot stumbles out of the cockpit and passes out. who got people safely on the grouped? >>> airport fixture, are the bomb sniffing dogs affective? the results of a new government report, we'll be right back. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. joining me are the fans this is crissy, how are you doing tonight? >> i'm great, thanks. >> are you excited to know the ravens are going to the super bowl? >> i'm beyond stoked. >> tell me about the things you are going to be doing. >> my favorite player is ray rice. i like the little guys that can run fast. then, having a couple of super bowl partys with family, that will be a lot of fun. >> thank you very much. we will be having a purple pep rally from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. come d
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening. >> just one day out from the super bowl. we have live team coverage from new orleans. >> john collins is here with a quick check on the forecast. >> just a dustup today. most of the roads were wet driving in. that does not mean the dusting will not produce slippery conditions. be aware of that. there are a couple of impulses tonight. we may get some tomorrow. most of these are expected to be very light snow. nothing substantial, no major storms. next week is a different story. we do show a warming trend. to get to that, we have to go through more of these impulses. i will have the forecast in a minute. >> just a little over 24 hours and the ravens will take the field in their biggest gain in 12 years. >> we have live coverage from new orleans. the ravens broadcasting is covering it from every angle. let's turn it over. we are hearing some big names from baltimore are in town.
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at other people and blaming. that's just negative energy you don't need. >> what was the purpose for you, in your private moment when you said i'm going to write this book, what did you want to accomplish from it? >> well, for me, if you know anything about golf -- >> okay. >> yeah. >> okay. >> you don't want to hook in golf. >> don't say hook. >> you want to hook in music, but not in golf. >> you do know. i played the front nine. i'm now teeing off at the back nine of my career and my life, and this book is my tee shot. >> that's great. >> there's a lot of things i want to do, films, musicals, more albums. i have another album coming out february 8th. there's a lot going on, but the story, i've been putting chapters away and putting moments away i think should come up in the book. then i had a few great people. fortunately for me i've got a great publisher and great editor, who's here by the way, who believed in my story enough and hearing about what the story was like and how that will resonate with people who have had some rough spots and don't think that it's all about the glamour an
. coach john harbaugh said the energy was great there. the team then boarded their charter plane, arrived in new orleans at mid-afternoon and enjoyed a rather large police escort to the hotel. that's where we caught up with the team. players could not stop talking about the excitement. >> that's baltimore, man. that ci is awesome. and you know, i told john and i told a couple of other guys, i said this feeling is great. this feeling is great, this send-off is awesome. but there's nothing better than coming home as world champions. >> the fans were crazy. you know, they had the music going, and there was thousands of people there, and everybody was excited. they were doing the raven chant that they do. we were kind of all on the way to the airport pretty excited about that. >> and of course now it's back to business for the guys. everybody else enjoys everything that new orleans has to offer. coming up a little later in sports, we'll hear more from the guys. plus jim and john harbaugh react to comments from president obama. that's coming up. for now we're live in new orleans. i'm kristen b
energy drinks could be tied to this. >> so temperatures are in the teens this morning. that's what it feels like. but there is a slight warmup on the way seasonable. we will talk about that coming up. >> reporter: good morning. if you are heading downtown, 95 is nice and clear here at 395. i will let you know what traffic looks like on the beltway and 83 on good morning maryland. >> ten minutes after 6. that is live quiet picture in new york city 5th avenue an area famous for shopping and museums and, of course, st. patrick's cathedral. we will be right back. >> reporter: in today's tech bites searching during the superbowl. top search during the game was for a live stream of the game. on bing it was the superbowl and the blackout and yahoo the top search was power outage. apple is the top smart phone seller for the first time thanks to the launch of the iphone 5 last quarter. they had 39% of the market samsung 30%. temple run 2 is the fastest growing mobile game ever with 50 million down loads in less than two weeks. will by thinks it deserves the honor. >> it's amazing
. we're seeing job gains in the energy producing fields. you know, energy is going through a real renaissance from a production standpoint here in the u.s.. that's a tail wind, i think, to future employment, and p so i think there's a few areas of the economy that might surprise people that are doing well, you know, energy, housing, manufacturing is getting better because the labor differential in the u.s. is improving. i'm encouraged by what i'm seeing by that side of the economy. melissa: when you hear there's, you know, one of the things that's helping in the economy are jobs in the energy sector, are you worried that might slow down? >> why would it sell down? melissa: because of more regulation, you know, the president has said he's going to focus on climate change, and when i hear something like that, that means cracking down on fracking and shale which is a booming industry in the country now, and environmentalists don't like. >> well, first of all, very little seems to happen in washington so i wouldn't worry too much -- melissa: that's true. >> about anything actually hap
.41 in virginia. no. 4 hold off giving your kids energy drinks. according to the junior of pediatrics energy drinks contain high unregulated amounts of caffiene and other stimulants that enhance the effects of caffiene. the high caffiene content can cause cardiovascular problems, anxiety and insomnia. no. 3 good food at a great price. more than 200 restaurants offering two course lunches for $20.13 and dinner for $30.13. reservations are suggested. some restaurants are extending those deals an extra week. no. 2, metro is working to replace three of six escalators at pentagon station. the south side escalators on the left as you exit are affected. you can still use the north side entrance escalators. the project is expected to wrap up this fall. no. 1, get ready to put the pedal to the metal. maryland officials are raising the speed limit on the intercounty connector from 55 to 60. the decision was made after looking at results of an engineering and crash study. the increase takes effect next month and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >>> who is hungry for a midnight snack? mcdonald's going m
diplomacy and the creative energy of our people remains unrivaled. no, it's because as the world has changed so too has the leverage and power that can most effectively shape international affairs. i have come to think of it like this. truman and acheson were building the parthenon with classical geometry and clear lines. the pillars were a handful of big institutions and alliances dominated by the major powers and that structure delivered unprecedented peace and prosperity. but time takes its toll even on the greatest edifice. and we do need a new architecture for this new world. more frank gehry ben formal greek. [laughter] think of it. now some of his work at first might appear haphazard but in fact it's highly intentional and sophisticated. where once a few strong columns could hold up the weight of the world, today we need a dynamic mix of materials and structures. now of course american military and economic strength will remain the foundation of our global leadership or go as we saw from the intervention to stop the massacre in libya to the rate that brought bin laden to justice, ther
diplomacy and the energy of our people remain unrivaled. as the world has changed, so have the levers that can change in shape international affairs. truman and acheson were building the parthenon with clear lines. the pillars or a handful of big institutions dominated by major powers. that structure delivered unprecedented peace and prosperity. but time takes its toll even on the greatest atedifice. we need a new architect for this world. more frank gehry than formal greek. think of it. of this work might appear have hazard. it is sophisticated -- some of his work might appear haphazard. we need a dynamic mix of materials and structures. as we saw from the intervention to stop a massacre in libya, there will always be times when it is necessary to use force. america is the ability to project power over the globe remains essential. i'm proud of the partnerships the state department has formed with the pentagon. america's traditional allies and friends in europe and east asia remain in valuable partners in nearly everything we do. we've spent energy strengthening those bonds over the p
where a coal plant closed. they're building two major wind energy projects in the same area where plans for a coal plant were scrapped. >> duke energy, a company you remember, that lent $10 million to the democratic party for its convention in charlotte -- in other words, a company with close ties to the obama administration. >> chase powers said it was forced to abandon plans for the coal plant because of e.p.a.'s tough anti-coal regulations. the plant would have created 3,900 jobs. >>gretchen: a christian school is suing two teachers who refused to give proof of their faith. the school requires all teachers to fill out a questionnaire about where they go to church and about their faith. two teachers refused to fill it out and weren't rehired. they threatened to sue, but the school is going to sue them saying the first amendment protects their right to hire teachers w share their belief. >>steve: a group of tphaoeudists are worried -- a group of nudists are worried they won't have anywhere to take it off this summeradly. a number of beaches in long island, brian, were heavily damaged b
. it was a high energy show for half an hour. cnn was going through all kinds of changes, too. they have nothing to compare with c-span and you, but -- >> we are 50 minutes in and have not gotten to hamburger helper left, but i do want to take advantage of the seven minutes left -- do you also think gigot and shields, brooks and shields -- which one to do like the best? >> that is a good question. everyone. david was six years, from 1987 until 1993. --dqavid gerger. then he left, of course. sort of tarnished his republican credentials by going to work for bill clinton. >> you hear republicans say that is the kind of republican you have on pbs. >> you cannot say that about paul gigot, the editorial page of "the wall street journal." paul did it from 1993 until 2001. the only reason he left was that he left for new york to run the page. he got the promotion. >> which one of those three did you like the best? >> since then i have been doing it with david brooks -- all terrific. i have been very orchard. -- i have been very, very fortunate. >> what is the difference in those three conservatives or t
. >>> a major change is coming for one popular sports energy drink. gatorade announced that it will no longer add bromanated vegetable oil to the drinks. bbo as it's own has been pat at the present timed as a flame retardant and is banned in japan and much of europe. more than 200,000 people petitioned for its removal. the ingredient is not banned by the fda. >>> the u.s. company shrank from october through december for the first time since the recession ended. we're going to check in with cnbc's mary thompson. she joins us live with more on that and the rest. headlines. >>> hey there, barbara, stocks are mixed on that news, as you mentioned the economy retracted in the first quarter. the first read on the fourth quarter gdp showed the economy shrunk by a quarter of a percent. declining exports and lower rate of inventories. coming after a healthy 1.3% annual rate indicated in the prior quarter sent wall street back on its heels. dow closely approaching that 14,000 mark. s&p down a point. nasdaq up five points. investors with a fair good outlook. amazon reporting strong profit margins for the
, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold! we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >>> 5:14. welcome back to wusa9. howard is here. things are warming up but we're also looking at a little rain. >> upper baltimore, should be fine. climbing into the low 40s. the big party at m ask tp -- m&t stadium. here's a look at your day planner. it will be a milder day. so we're liking that. temperatures into the mid-40s which actually is right about average for this time of year with partly to mostly cloudy skies and variable winds about 5 miles an hour or so. so we won't have that biting wind to deal with, although tomorrow is going to be breezier. a system came through overnight. hit t
possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
. most of the energy is to the south but some of our storms could bring down wins in excess of 60 miles an hour. we are in the slight risk area for damaging wind. it will move through quickly, but it could come down heavy rain, one-2-2 inches tonight. this is in urban areas where the water might be standing for a little while. today, mostly cloudy skies breezy a will be spotty in nature with temperatures between 64 and tonight, the main thunderstorms will come through. a few could be severe and cause flooding. the low is between 42 degrees and 46 degrees. this will all push out of here by tomorrow. clearing then with sunshine a high of 47 degrees. tomorrow, he equally as old. temperatures friday and saturday in the 30's. >> something for everybody. >> coming up on abc seven news at noon seven news on your side with a salmon recall affecting whole food -- stores in several states. >> learn about michael bolton and cutting his signature >> a recall alert affecting salmon at whole foods stores. the us fda says the recall was announced after salmon tested positive for listeria. it was sold
excited if i had time to be excited but i can say that the energy and the group is high. and they enthusiasm is greater than what we have seen before. we're happy to stoke the fires. >> thank you for the time. >> thank you very much. >>> and the purple pride going on. we want to see yours here in charm city. send us your pictures to pix at wmar. we'll put it in our slide show. can you check it out. >>> 5 things to know. the sheriff's association is making an announcement today on where it stands on the gun control issue. >> and a news conference at the ballroom -- ball room in washington, dc. >>> the secretary of state is ready to retire from the post. it will be last day as the head of the state department. she will be replaced by john kerry. >>> we'll hear from the nfl commissioner when he gives his state of the nfl. >> and 61% of players showing dissatisfaction with the way he runs the organization. >>> and stars raising money for sandy victims. >>> today is go red for women's day it is hard to wear it. it has ties with heart month which raises awareness about heart d
. [captioning made possible byconstellation energy group]>> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. ravens fans brave the cold to support the team in a rally that earned some national attention. >> in this super purple friday, ravens fans came out early to show they are true blue. , -- rex cold, but really fun -- >>, cold, but really fun. ask the ravens rally started at 5:00 a.m. and continued through the mesh "the today show --"the today show." ava marie showed natalie morales what it takes to be a ravens fan. she is part of a super bowl that with al rocher. if the ravens win, i'll will dress up as the ravens mascot. >> morales agreed to dress up as a minor if the ravens -- if the niners win. fans were showing the entire country that ravens spirit is alive and well. rex it is impressive, especially with the snow. >> it takes more to keep ravens fans homes -- home. >> it is great third -- great. >> the fans are super fans. they are not just ordinary fans. >> super fans, ready for a championship. >> that was so fun to watch. baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake made her wager with the m
cheer. >> the more energy, the better. have the kids saying good morning washington! we do have one sprinkle to talk .bout you and not much moisture associated one littleas early this morning. rising temperatures today. already this morning, a big temperature range. , 39.rick come a 36. , 36. thersburg 56 now in charlottesville. a cold wedge through the metro area. high temperatures today will range from 48 48 in frederick to 60 in parts of the shenandoah valley. 65 the high and -- in luray. a few peaks of sound in the afternoon. heavy rainfall by tomorrow afternoon. go to the commit. >> good morning, adam caskey. this underway. from the traffic .enter not too much to tell you about. a ride together on 66. coming up from haymarket, through gainesville. we welcome everyone into our 's capital. across the 14th street bridge 395. coming off of not too much to tell you about .t all ,eltway lanes are open and virginia. thank you so much. it is 4:52 right now. 42 degrees, a nice warm up from yesterday. >> coming up, there could be trouble ahead for chris round. -- brown. find out who is a
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's overly enthusiastic celebrations. this streets were spelling with a lot of energy. just a little readiness. purple pride bursting at the seams and a clinic that followed. >> monday morning, downtown was still basking in a purple glow. kila to clean out the streets. fans had stormed the streets to celebrate. our helicopter captured the scene as they poured out of bars and restaurants downtown. the streets were crowded and fans were flying high. >> i have never seen anything like this in my life. i am proud to be part of it. >> it is like nothing we have had ever. nothing ever. >> the energy was electric on federal hill. this looked more like a rock concert. at times, things turned destructive, even dangerous. a group of people polled the street sign out of the ground. people jump on top of vehicles, damaging several including musicals. extra police officers patrolled the streets directing traffic and trying to control the crowd. overall fans were getty to call the city of the super bowl champions' home. >> that was a genius. >> baltimore city, do not mess with us. yeah. >> our ext
to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold! >>> now, here's dave owens at the wusa 9 cadillac sports desk. >> all right, counting down to superbowl xlvii in about 18 hours or so. we'll finally get some resolution to this whole thing. speaking of whole thing, we've had a contingent of folk in the crescent city this week covering the whole thing, so let's head out to kristen berset who is standing by in the big easy. hey, k.b., what's up? >> reporter: that's right, dave. besides the big game, like you said tomorrow night, tonight's festive vis are just as exciting -- festivities are just as exciting. the nfl hands out the awards. robert griffin, iii is named the offensive rookie of the year. a big night for him. it was nice to see him on the red carpet. not really using crutches, not really limping all that much. just three or four weeks after surgery. it's great to see him out there. he seemed a little sur
up. the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. i am sarah caldwell. >> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> how is the weather shaping up? >> we will be in the 50's and 60's for the next couple of days. 37 right now at the airport. there is a little bit of fog. a mixture of sun and clouds. a slight chance for a rain shower. 60's tomorrow. >> good morning. one problem spot to talk about on the city-county line where route 40 remains closed. you can get by that accident scene. looking good on 95 near 100. in the green on the north and southbound side. this is the fort mchenry and tunnel and we're looking good. no delay on the northbound traffic. we have a disabled bus off to the shoulder. looks like the travel lanes are open. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the ravens are waking up in new orleans this morning as the pressure of super
intake guide lines and recommends limiting kid's daily assault consumption based on size, age and energy needs. for adults it's less than 2,000 milligrams a day. no. 3, making sure your kids eat right at school, the usda expects a proposal by april on what types of foods and drinks should be sold outside traditional cafeteria meals. it could restrict the sale of things like chips, candy bars and sodas. parents are concerned about sugary high calorie foods with no nutritional benefits. no. 2, the washington auto show opens up tomorrow at the washington convention center. hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected. this show will include more than 700 new makes and models of cars, trucks, minivans, sport utility vehicles running through february 10th. no. 1, washington d.c.'s restaurant week kicks off next week. more than 200 of the city's top restaurants will offer up three course lunches for $20.13 and three course dinners for $35.13. restaurant week runs from february 4th through the 10th. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >>> a famous georgetown university alum spotted on campus. ac
possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. happy purple friday. i am sarah caldwell. >> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we saw some flurries on the camera. let's check the radar. snow.t, puffy most of the significant snow has been in annapolis. there is another band of snow in howard county. this is a dust-up. temperatures will be around freezing. it gets windy this afternoon. look at the high temperature for the mountains today, only about 16 degrees. there is cold air to the west. >> good morning. no snow on the road to just shed. most of the flooding has cleared. we're up to speed on the west side. this is the camera at liberty road. 65 on 95 in the area of white marsh. travel along 795 and we're in the green north and southbound. 60 miles per hour at owings mills boulevard. this is southbound traffic at york road. there could be a tap on the brakes. king great in howard
, he held my administration move america from real energy independence. we have doubled the use of renewable energy, dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil. you can read the full statement at your leisure. i will go to questions >> does the president considered the attack in turkey to be a terrorist attack? >> a suicide bombing on the perimeter of an embassy is, by definition, an act of terror. we do not know at this point who is responsible or the motivations behind the attack. the attack itself is clearly an act of terror. >> the birth control -- is this recognition that the initial rules were an overreach? >> not at all. for details about the rulemaking process on which there is news today, i refer you to hhs. i would remind you of a policy that the president outlined last year. in outlining it, he set two important criteria. one, we have to ensure that women have access to preventive services like contraception. the policy also respects religious elites. those criteria have been followed by the department in this role. as part of this process, there is more common
is just a very cool working environment. hopefully we are able to bring the excitement and energy to the people watching at home. >> reporter: ravens fans love the outdoor sets. >> my husband made me get up at 6:00 to see mike and mike. all time favorite. >> lot of ravens fans here, that makes it more fun. >> reporter: it took technicians a month to build the complex, they will tear it down monday and cleared out in a little under a week. don harrison, abc2 news. >>> all this week, we have been down way down yonder in new orleans, helping out the st. bernard project, helping families struggling to rebuild in new orleans. you can donate to hurricane katrina victims, head to, pick ravens nation in the program, designation section. >>> it's purple friday. we are counting down to the super bowl. live with a special tonight. live coverage of the fan hoopla and a breakdown of everything to expect this sunday starts here at 7:00. >>> the cold snap is back, along with colder temperatures, came a little snow this morning. >> it made the commute tough for drivers, are we going
to stabilize your blood sugar levels and gives you a more stable energy throughout the day. >> other foods to calm your nerves dark leafy greens vegetables fish and foods high with vitamin a and c. >>> guys listen to this. researchers are working on a birth control pill for men. others tried but failed in the past because of harmful side effects. but doctors at baylor college of medicine in texas say theirs is different. others targeted hormones but jq1 targets germ cells and so far in mice, there have been no side effects. >> i will tell you what it didn't do, it didn't affect the libido and this is over a one year of time and men might be taking it for many years. >> clinical trials could start in five years. >>> a sold year who lost all four limbs in roadside bombing in iraq has message of hope. he had a rare double arm transplant. doctors at jobs hopkins where the srnlg which -- where the surgery was performed says it could take several years when he is able to fully raise his new arms but he is keeping a positive attitude. >> a lot of people will say you can't do something just be sto
proposed a number of bills including one to help develop offshore wind energy to create more maryland jobs. >>> when maryland health officials learned of a potential link between a spinal steroid injection in cases of fungal meningitis late last year, they waited nearly a week before telling the public. state epidemiologist david blythe says officials delayed notifying the entire state to gather as much information before going public and he said the delay posed no harm since the state imdiately alerted clinics that were administering the shots to stop using them. >>> clasping -- clamping down on counterfeit merchandise coming up at 7:00. we'll have the expanded blitz and glitz coverage live from new orleans. see you then. >> coming up we'll talk with jc hayward who talks with the women of the talk down in new orleans. that's not her and that's not that video, but we'll bring her to you coming up after the break. >>> dr. bias knows the pain and of suffering of drug abuse. she lost her son len to it in a cocaine overdose. len was a basketball in maryland and died in 1996 two days after he
that energy is offshore. we might see a couple snow flurries at the mason-dixon line this morning. there was just a dusting in hagerstown and martinsburg. there were a couple inches of snow in the panhandle of west virginia. nothing but clouds in d.c.. 31 in arlington. 30 degrees in silver spring and germantown. 29 in sterling and the chantilly. 34 degrees in woodbrige this morning. no complaining about the temperatures, a pretty typical for this time of year. mostly cloudy today, high temperatures in the low to mid 40's. that's not shabby. campus seven-day forecast, looking really good. another clipper tonight. snow flurries more than anything. the best chance of getting a dusting will be to the north again. 45 degrees on wednesday. pushing 50 by the weekend. a chance of rain on friday and next monday. jamee, do you love pancakes? >> i do. i love this wesweets. nice and quiet around the region, virginia maryland, beltway planes are open. john hanson highway right there. no problems out of annapolis or bowie. columbia down through to the beltway and rte. 29 at fairland road, not m
accomplishments and outlined his legislative agenda which includes a land energy proposal, a repeal of the death penalty, and gun control. one of the highlights came in the form of an old refrain. >> there is more that unites us than divides us. and this year, one of those things is the mighty baltimore ravens. >> members of the obama administration attended the speech fuelling administrative speculation that he may consider a run for the presidency. >> speaking of the by the ravens, the super bowl showdown awaits the baltimore ravens and the forty-niners this sunday. >> we have live team coverage from the big easy tonight, covering from food to football and fun. let's head to mende and jerry. >> one of the big thing is happening here today, access to the players for interviews. dodge the second year wide receiver has had a breakout year, but we want to take you back earlier when he suffered the tragedy of losing his brother. fair to say all players that come to the super bowl carry a measure of fear of losing the game. when you have lost someone you love, a game becomes just that, a game. footb
one true star on tuesday, ray lewis. >> i mean, i feel the energy, the passion of ray lewis. when he's out on a football field, i just want to cry. i want to run through a brick wall. get into it. you know what? no weapon, not even this microphone, formed against me, shall prosper and that is why the ravens will walk away with the super bowl xlvii victory. >> i do not think ray lewis should retire. i am serious. he still has a lot more in him. >> the world is his oyster. he can do either or it is a good time to be ray lewis right now. >> he is a special kind of guy /player. to be with this scene from day one is what he means to the entire city -- with this team from day one and what he means to the entire city, it is a unique situation. >> as he might expect, there was plenty of talk about a tarbell -- john harwell brother connection. there is also a very strong university of maryland terp connection. with media day here, everyone in baltimore is concerned with what the ravens have to say but we did find a local angle here with the san francisco 49ers. some folks might not know verno
and to some extent, you. the u.s. department of energy twitter and the new york times, also the wall street journal. joining us with more on the cyber attacks and how to stop them is brian gunther. he is a partner with digital industry. that is an it firm in silver spring maryland right here at home. good morning. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you, allison. >> i made a point saying your company is right here at home. this thing though is worldwide. and that is indeed the threat to the computer. great thing and also be a gateway to bad things. >> absolute absolutely. the internet is a resource to access just about anything in the world. however, we also provided gateway for the bad guys to come to us. >> does your business busy itself with these cases or do you come to the aid of companies? >> we are an information technology firm. digital industry. and our objective is to help businesses with their technology and help them work better. we have absolutely been asked to come in and assess security situations and referred to as hardening an infrastructure or technology for a company f
shoe you don't get scamed -- make sure you don't get scamed when you buy the gear. >> energy drinks may be a way to get a pick me up but can beharmful to your kids. we will look at negative side effects doctors are talking about. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. can be the worst part. my medicine alone doesn't always give me all the congestion relief i need to sleep. [ female announcer ] adding breathe right nasal strips can make all the difference. it's proven to instantly relieve cold or flu nasal congestion. [ stefan ] and because it's drug free, it's safe to use with any medicine to relieve my nighttime stuffy nose. so i can breathe better and sleep better. [ female announcer ] go to for special offers. >>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> baltimore we coming home baby. we d
proposed several other bills. one would help develop off shore wind energy, a program in the state they say that would create more jobs in maryland. >>> the time right now is 4:36. we are expected to dry out today, but be prepared for strong winds. get the aqua net out. howard is back in a few minutes with the forecast. >> is blackberry back? one of two new smartphones but their stock could tumble. >> the cruise industry has been pretty good to charm city. >> those stories and more plus >>> 4:38. we are looking at a windy day. most of the rain is gone of the just a couple leftover sprinkles. gusting -- winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour. temperatures will settle in the mid-40s but windchills will feel like 20s and 30s. wind advisory till 6:00 p.m. i'll have your weekend forecast in about five. right now monika with timesaver traffic. >>> if you're using 95 and 395, you should be okay. scattered problems an our area with flooding and road closures. southbound gw parkway between the memorial bridge and 14th street bridge, watch out for patches of high standing water. more in a few minutes.
? >> awesome. surreal. surreal. >> cold and happy and ready to rock. >> it is great. you can feel the energy. it's going to be a great afternoon. >> reporter: and so many of the people i talked to today, they can't afford season tickets, but the stadium's open. it's free and people can actually be down on the field and be near the players when they finally come here. a huge amount of excitement. but i'll tell you what, the other part of the story today is the gridlock in the city. it's so bad that ravens players had to be brought here to the stadium to stage for this event with special police escorts. traffic at all the major routes coming into town has been jammed up since about 8:30 or 9:00 this morning. people are still streaming into the stadium area, still trying to be here to see this parade. like i said, really it is like the super bowl here. they're sort of reproducing the feeling except without having to travel all the way down to new orleans. it's going to be a big day here. the parade now under way. we'll have full coverage later today on wusa9. aim scott broom reporting live outs
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